Copy vs Dropbox – Why is better than Dropbox

I came across a new file sharing service called Copy, which on the surface seems to be very similar to Dropbox, but its the behind the scenes features that make it much better and stand out as the best.

So what makes Copy so much better?
– Copy gives you 15GB of free storage when you sign up versus Dropbox which only gives you 2GB.
– If you use my referral link to sign up, you will get an additional 5GB of free storage for a total of 20GB.
– For each referral that you send to Copy, you get an another 5GB of storage versus Dropbox which only gives you 500MB.
– When you share a files or folders with somebody on Copy, you split the total storage size between your shared accounts, unlike Dropbox which will deduct the total of all shared files from each persons quota. Copy calls this concept Fair Storage. This is what Copy says on their website: “We believe in a simple concept of fairness. Everyone paying for the same data they are sharing doesn’t work for us. We think that’s like going to dinner together and everyone having to pay the entire bill. People sharing content should equally divide the amount of storage being used. With Copy, you can split the bill. So a 12 GB folder shared between 3 people only counts as 4 GB per person.

Get 15GB of Free storage when you sign up to Copy, and if you use my referral link, you will get another 5GB free as well for a total of 20GB. Please note that I will also receive additional free storage when you use my link:

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy using Copy!!


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One thought on “Copy vs Dropbox – Why is better than Dropbox

  1. Guys, I have been trying out Copy for the past year. It is quite good and give you plenty of storage to you for free. Copy is the new Dropbox now.

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