How to convert Presearch tokens (PRE) to ETH (or BTC or cash) – PRE tokens

Presearch is working on a decentralized search engine:

Their crypto currency token is PRE

I have built up some PRE by using their search engine, and wanted to cash them out but found the process was not very easy because many exchanges do not accept PRE and therefore won’t exchanage it. So it took me several days to figure out how to do it.

Follow Presearchs own instruction by creating a wallet with My Ether Wallet ( and withdraw your tokens and send them to your new MEW wallet.

In order to exchange your PRE for something else, you will need to have some ETH in your MEW wallet to pay for the gas.
I found .005 ETH was a good minimum number.
You will need to purchase the ETH on another exchange and then send it to your MEW wallet.

NOTE: I recently noticed that website is no longer working. If you have alternative suggestion, please post in the comments.
You can then use CoinGetCoin to make the exchange (
You tell it how many PRE you will send, and it will tell you how many ETH you will get back.
I like this platform because you just send the PRE and it will automatically send ETH back to your wallet.
Specify the approximate amount of PRE you are going to send (does not need to be exact), and then specify the wallet address where you want the ETH sent after the exchange (I just sent it back to my MEW wallet).
CoinGetCoin will then give you a wallet address and you have 24 hours to send your PRE.
Be sure to note the minimum PRE that they will accept.

Go back to your MEW wallet and specify the address CoinGetCoin gave you, and send your PRE.
You can go back to CoinGetCoin and it will tell the progress (when it receives your PRE and when it sent the ETH back).
I have made a couple exchanges using CoinGetCoin and it took less than 30 minutes each time.

Now that you have ETH in your My Ether Wallet instead of PRE, you can do what you want with it.
For me, I sent it to my account and converted it to dollars and withdrew it to my bank account.