MediaServe Web Hosting Review

In this review, I highly recommend MediaServe Web Hosting, especially if you are looking for a fantastic web hosting company.

They’re prices are very competitive (plans start at $5.00 per month), they have the best tech support, and you can try their service with a 30-day money back guarantee which means you have nothing to lose by signing up.

MediaServe offers “ridiculously affordable web hosting and video streaming“, which includes standard hosting plans, dedicated ip, ssl certificates, domain name registration, business class email service, free site builder utility and video hosting which includes Live and On-Demand services with Flash, iOS, Silverlight and Wowza Media Server.

I can’t stress enough how invaluable great technical support can be when hosting a website, and these guys have some of the best customer service I have ever worked with.

You have nothing to lose by signing for an account with their 30-day money back guarantee. Click here to go to their site now:

From their website:

Ridiculously Affordable Web Hosting and Video Streaming. Family owned and operated since 2002. Superior service and support. We host thousands of websites for clients in 39 countries. Despite its growth, MEDIASERVE retains the atmosphere and close client relationships typical of a smaller company.

We have cabinets full of servers colocated at the new Corexchange data center on Henry Hines Boulevard in Dallas, Texas. On Sundays while our church clients are broadcasting live, we tend to reach our peak throughput of approximately 500 mbps, which is only 50% of our gigabit connection. We use multi-processor, multi-core Dell and SuperMicro servers with dual power supplies on separate power circuits, and RAID storage for redundancy.

At MEDIASERVE, we provide an ample amount of storage to start with–10 gigabytes–with additional blocks of 10 gigabytes available at $5.00/month (or less with longer billing cycles.) Because we have negotiated some excellent bandwidth pricing, we offer unmetered bandwidth, meaning you don’t have to worry about your site traffic causing bandwidth exceeded errors or overage charges. What you’ll find is that some hosting companies will advertise ridiculous amounts of storage and bandwidth. Take one of our competitors for example. They advertise 600 gigabytes of storage, and 6,000 gigabytes of transfer. That’s 6 terrabytes of bandwidth usage! There is no possible way they can provide that to every customer. They know that each website consumes a tiny fraction of this amount, and they figure they can use huge numbers to hype their services. After all, who doesn’t like more for less? However, if every one of their customers were to actually use that storage and bandwidth, their servers would crash and they’d be out of business in a matter of days.

We refuse to engage in hype. What we advertise is actually available to every customer.

We also offer other great features such as the ability to host unlimited domain names, either parked or as completely independent sites, on a single hosting package. Unlimitied emails and email forwarders, unlimited MySQL databases, PHP, Perl and Ruby on Rails scripting, Fantastico for automatic script installation, highly tuned spam filtering and more are standard features, included at no additional cost.

Sign up today and take advantage of their great tech support and their 30-day money back guarantee offer: MediaServe

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