Convert eSword Bible modules to MySword Bible modules

I now have a Galaxy S3 running Android and although I love eSword, it is not available on Android, so instead I have been using MySword instead.

There are tons of free resources for eSword available and I thought it would be great if I could convert them to use with MySword.

It turns out that the file formats (for unlocked modules) are identical. So you simply need to change the extension name to get them to work.

Simply change the .bblx extension of the eSword Bible module to .bbl.mybible to make it a MySword Bible module.

That’s it!!

Thanks to Peter Pellerin at the following post for pointing it out:


Samsung Galaxy S3 wifi connection problems: Will not find any Wi-Fi networks when Scanning

My wife and I both have Samsung Galaxy S3’s and we love them. However, my wife’s phone suddenly started having wifi connection problems, and stopped showing any wi-fi networks when it scans for them.When you enter the Wi-Fi settings page and it says scanning, nothing will appear. I tried the following solutions, none of which worked:

– Under wifi settings, go to advanced wifi settings and try “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”. I tried both Always and Never. Did not work.

– Dial *#0011# and go to wifi menu and try “WIFI Power Save Mode”. I tried both ON and OFF. Did not work.

– Under wifi settings, I used long tap to “forget” each network. It would continue to scan but networks would not re-appear in list. Did not work.

– Tried turning wifi off then back on. Did not work.

– Tried turning phone off then back on after doing each of the items above. Did not work.

My phone works without any issues and can pickup all the networks wherever we go. Even in our house with our own router and wifi connection, if we “forget” the network on both of our phones, my phone will say “scanning” and it will immediately show back up in the list, but her phone will say “scanning” and nothing shows up.

I spent hours trying all the different solutions that I could find (except for resetting the phone), and none of them worked. But I did find the following work around so she can see available networks and connect to them…

I installed a program called WiFi Finder by JIWIRE INC.

Start the program (you do not need to enable location for this app), then choose Wi-Fi Scanner, then choose LIST.

Tap on the network you want to connect to, enter the network password if required, tap Connect and you should be good to go!

Please leave a comment if this helped you.