PC style Windows Keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X

When I switched over to Mac, I very quickly realized that my Windows keyboard shortcuts no longer worked, and that they had all been “moved” on me! And seeing as I have a copy of Windows XP running in a virtual machine on my MacBook, I really did not want to try and remember two different shortcut keys, depending on whether I was using Windows or OS X.

The solution? A free program called KeyRemap4MacBook which allows you to redirect keyboard and mouse input.

My favorite keyboard shortcuts I have remapped are:
Undo=Ctrl+Z, Cut=Ctrl+X, Copy=Ctrl+C, Paste=Ctrl+V, Find=Ctrl+F, Find-Next=F3, Rename=F2, Select-Multiple=Ctrl+LeftClick

I also remapped the following a few other things to make my life easier:
For external keyboard, I setup the Home/End keys so they work properly.
For the built-in keyboard, I setup the Right Command key to be a Home key and the Right Option key to be an End key.

KeyRemap4MacBook is fairly easy to customize if you have a little bit of programming knowledge. Some of the remaps were already built-in to KeyRemap4, and some I had to customize. You can download a copy of my customize private.xml which contains all of my additions. You will to unzip it after download:


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  1. I know this is old and it is VERY helpful, but it seems all of your html tags are removed in the example code you have listed. Can you provide the same code again with the html tags please?

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