Free SMS to Email – Sending a text message to an email address

My current cell phone plan with Virgin Mobile Canada has unlimited outgoing texting, but I don’t have a data plan, so I am unable to send a text message to an email address. Sometimes I find the easiest way to send myself a reminder is to text it to my email address, and then I can forget about it and it is waiting for me when I get back to my computer.

While searching the web for a free SMS to Email solution, and I came across this one:

Now the only downside is that it’s a United Kingdom number, which may be an issue for some of you, but fortunately for me, my unlimited outgoing texting includes international numbers as well Canadian numbers at no extra cost.

So I simply send a text messge like this:

To: oo1447937985001

Message: This is the message I want to send!

And that’s it! Please leave a comment if this was helpful, and don’t forget to checkout CallCentric the Number One rated VoIp provider:

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  1. I hope you could make the system available for international users as well. Would love to send online text messages.

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