Galaxy S3 won’t connect to Mac using Samsung KIES and USB cable (device will not connect)

So I was trying to connect my wife’s Galaxy S3 to my Mac so I could download all her pics and videos, but was having quite a difficult time getting the phone to connect via USB cable. (NOTE: I am running OSX Lion 10.7.4 and Galaxy S3 has Android 4.1.2)

I tried AirDroid 2 which actually works quite well if you are looking for a wireless solution, however it is very slow if you have a large amount of data to transfer. So seeing as I had to transfer 12GB of data from her phone and I did not have all day to wait for it to transfer, I decided I would try to connect via USB cable to speed up the transfer.

So step one was simply plugging in the phone via USB to my Mac. There is a setting called USB Debugging that needs to be turned ON for this to work and for the Mac to normally recognize an Android device, however trying it both ON and OFF did not make a difference, and my Mac would not recognize the S3.

So next step was to install Samsung KIES on my Mac. After installation I started up KIES and then plugged the S3 into USB cable, and I would get a message from KIES saying “Connecting..” but then about 5 seconds later would get another message saying something like “No response from device” and “Cannot connect.”

So after several hours of Googling, I finally came across the following post which contained the solution in one of the comments:

There is a hidden menu on the S3 called Phone Utils. To access the menu, go to your dial pad and dial *#7284# (star-pound-7-2-8-4-pound).

You will then see another menu option called Qualcomm Options, so click on that, and then change the option to MTP+ADB and save the change. Now try plugging in your S3 to USB again and KIES should now recognize it and connect.

Alternatively, instead of the Qualcomm Options, you might see the UART menu with two options of MODEM or PDA. Try changing it to the other option and then try plugging S3 into USB again and see if it connects. If it still does not connect, switch it back to the original setting.

One more possibility is under Developer Options. To access Developer Options menu in Android 4.3 you need to un-hide it and make it visible. To do this, go to Settings > More > About Device then tap on Build Number seven(7) times and then go back to Settings > More and Developer Options should be visible.

That’s it! Leave a comment and let me know if this helped you out.

19 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 won’t connect to Mac using Samsung KIES and USB cable (device will not connect)

  1. Kies would not connect. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. No results!
    After 2 hours of fiddling, I suddenly had the idea to try the ORIGINAL USB CABLE (that was in the box with the tablet/phone) and SURPRISE, the connection with all the Samsung devices was restored!!!

  2. @David – Sorry its not working for you. I go to the dial pad like I am going to dial a number and punch in *#7284# and it just automatically goes right away to the hidden menu (I do not have to hit send). Sorry that I cannot offer any other solutions for you. 🙁

  3. The problem I seem to be having is that Kies does recognize my phone eventually…but when I click on the drop down menu that offers me ‘photos’ it just spins the annoying wheel forever and goes nowhere. Then I navigate my way through to my phones photos with the folder icon on the right…and it then stalls when I try drag and drop just one pic to my desktop of my mac. Beyond frustrated!

  4. When I key in the *#7284# on my Galaxy S3 it simply sits on my screen without opening the hidden manu. I even tried dialing it but it just told me the number does not exist. I am so frustrated. I am trying to do the file transfering on Kies. Another solton?

  5. @jill – I am assuming that your phone is NOT a Galaxy S3?
    But anyways you could try this:
    – Take note of which one is selected already (USB or UART).
    – Change it to the other one, turn phone off then back on to reboot and see if it works.
    – Change it back to the original setting, turn phone off then back on to reboot and see if it works.
    – Also try turning USB DEBUG Mode on or off and see if it works in one mode or the other (should be under something like Settings > Developer Options).
    Hope this helps.

  6. when i put in *pound 7284 pound the only options it said phone unit UART modem or PDA & USB Modem PDA the green dot is set UART modem & USB set to PDA Help!!!!!!! please

  7. Many thanks!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this tip! And I am surprised this was not well-known either! I’ll be sure to pass on the word!


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